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New Plast Machinery , are committed to Total Quality Management. 

We shall continuously strive towards Zero Defect, delivery of quality products and services as perceived by our customers. This shall be achieved through documented procedures, training of employees and up-gradation of our sub-contractors. Implementation of this policy shall be the responsibility of every individual in our organisation. 

We also provide excellent after sales services to our clients on our machinery and plants in order to ensure their uninterrupted functioning at client's end. Further, as per our client oriented approach, we also undertake periodic reviews, process control, inspection, testing, and complaint handling systems and training programs that are part of our effective quality control system.

Why do people choose NEW PLAST MACHINERY?
  •  Users Friendly. Simple operation and low maintenance.
  •  Manufactured from state of the art technology.
  •  Wide range of machinery to choose from.
  •  High output.
  •  Versatile design to suit individual clients requirement.
  •  Long life and prompt after sales service.